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forgiven jewelry

forgiven jewelry cover girl wearing forgiven rings, and necklaces

Forgiven Jewelry is for Christians On The Go!  We have jewelry that will witness for you like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. We are True Believers in Christ. We are Jesus Freaks and have been for a while.  We are a Diverse City Business where you can find a cross necklace or a purity ring and other types of authentic Christian jewelry. Since 1993… We pray over our business, and believe in God the Father, Jesus the son of God, and the Holy Spirit was send down as a helper to us and you. We don’t pretend to follow Jesus or act like we know more about Jesus than you… We just get on our knees and thank God we have his directions for our life. We are not perfect or claim to be… but we are FORGIVEN… that is why we used the name Forgiven Jewelry, because we are still sinners saved by grace. We try to show the love, and not judge.  God loves us as much as he loves you and anyone else you hate…so don’t be hate’n!  God changed our life.  We put our faith in Him and asked him to use our talents to serve him in any way he saw fit. We are a work in progress seeking Gods help each and every day.   If you were praying and you found your self reading this all the way to this point… perhaps this is the place you were supposed to find and get something you can use to show your faith. Everything on this Forgiven Jewelry website serves a purpose… our jewelry will spark conversations.. be ready to witness as a believer! We thank you in advance for your time and your kind words and prayers.