Back to school is here

Back to school is here…Goodbye to summertime warmth and sunny days because back to school is here. Say hello to cool breezes, falling leaves, homework and sporting events. Back to school is a time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going. School can also be a place to shine, to dream and to become your own person. Being back to school can also be the greatest mission field you will ever encounter. Why not use this time to share your faith in Christ Jesus and the love that He brings?

At Forgiven Jewelry we strive to create really cool jewelry to share your faith, and show your faith. We are always praying and asking the Holy Spirit to give us unique jewelry ideas. Sometimes the message of Jesus is not always in your face and prevalent, you have to dig deeper to find Him and we think that is really awesome.

Anyways, here are a few necklaces that we love, that we thought would be perfect for your back to school wardrobe.

This blue cross necklace (item code SC18) is very cool and eye catching. The detailing on it at first is not noticeable, but the more you check it out, it becomes clear that the design is made up of “Ichthus Fish”. A nice history of the Ichthus or “Jesus Fish” can be found here. The Ichthus fish are laser etched on blue anodized stainless steel cross. The laser etches away the blue color to expose the silver steel color.

This Jesus necklace (item code SC19) is also very unique in that at first you don’t notice the letters spelling out “Jesus” down the side of the pendant. At first, all you see is the high polish tribal style pendant, but upon further inspection Jesus is revealed. This necklace is sure to spark some conversations about Jesus and salvation, and you will be looking good and stylish in stainless steel all at the same time.

This Jesus cross necklace (item code TSJ) is really awesome and hardly needs any description. It is high polish stainless steel with the “name above all names” JESUS cut out letters in black finish stainless to form the cross. This necklace is a bold statement of your faith.

So, we hope that this during this back to school time in your life, your focus will be on Jesus and spreading the gospel. If you need a new Bible to read, we have a few journaling styles, or check out the special back to school bible sale going on.

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