Jesus Stackable Ring
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Jesus Stackable Ring

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Jesus Stackable Ring

Item RP5 - Jesus Stackable Ring is a hypo allergenic stainless steel ring. This is a thin band Jesus Ring that has a High Polished finish. This ring features engraved text that spells the name of Jesus. Engraved text is filled with black epoxy. The black color will fade over time, but the engraved name of JESUS will never fade and will last forever because it is made with high quality stainless steel. That has a deep spiritual truth to it!

 True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.

The name above all names "JESUS"!

Why is Jesus so special? Because of Who He said that He was. He said that He was God. In John 8:58, Jesus said, "Truly, Truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM." In the history of all man kind, many great men point to a "philosophy" or teach good ideas. Only JESUS
  1. Pointed to Himself & claimed to be God
  2. Spoke with authority that matched His claim
When Jesus said, "I AM," He was quoting from the Old Testament in Exodus 3:14. That is where Moses was talking to God and asked Him His name. God answered and said, "I AM." When Jesus said, "I AM," He was claiming the name of God for Himself, and thereby claiming to be God. Because of what He did, Jesus forgave sins (Luke 5:20). He rose from the dead (Luke 24, John 2:19-21), raised others from the dead (John 11:43-44), and He walked on water (John 6:19).

No one on earth has ever done the things Jesus did

There is no way around it, Jesus is special. There can be no doubt. He loved you first! Jesus Stackable Ring details;
  • Comes in LIMITED availability on size 9 and size 8
  • Item RP5
  • Hypo allergenic
  • stainless steel
  • ring measures 1/8" wide

Care and Cleaning

While Forgiven Jewelry products are designed to last, proper care is an important part of keeping your jewelry looking it's best. Because the ring is laser etched, it can be scratched off with something sharp or abrasive. When anything is laser etched the surface is slightly removed to show the image. That image is very good and cannot be rubbed off. They only way it can come off is with abrasives or something very sharp. The ring will last a life time if you avoid wearing it while working with cement. Or working in the yard. Or doing gardening. We do not recommend wearing this ring while shingling a roof or working with abrasive materials. Be sure not to wear your jewelry while cleaning or working with harsh chemicals, in pools or spas, or while playing sports. Store your jewelry individually to keep them from scratching each other. To clean your jewelry, use a warm, soapy water soak and a soft brush.

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