72 Slot Ring Tray Display
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72 Slot Ring Tray Display

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72 Slot Ring Tray Display

Item Code UL72TRAY - 72 Slot Ring Tray Display system that features many anti shoplifting components. Did you know...

Shoplifting @ retail stores costs merchants an estimated loss of 13 billion dollars per year.

For the price this is a pretty good deterrent for thieves. Optimize Your Store's Design and Layout for Theft Prevention. It starts with this is a COMBO system. Combo means that is could be used as a table top display. Or it could be used a slat wall display. The choice is yours. Depending on where you want it will determine the way you use it. That is what make this display so cool. This is our own design and will serve you well. We say that this display system holds 144 total pieces. That's because we are counting two 72 slotted ring trays. The main 72 slotted tray is the tray customer will see through the clear Plexiglass. The second 72 slotted tray is hidden underneath the unit. This is a great system. It truly is an ALL IN 1 unit. It can be used as a slat wall display because it has special slat wall hooks that can be removed at any time. If you were using it as a slat wall ring display and now you don't like it like this. No problem because all you have to do is remove the slat wall hooks and now you can use it as a counter top display. This system includes security features.
  • clear plexiglass door
  • lock & keys
  • security wires

all of these elements will not guarantee nothing will get stolen, but it will dramatically discourage the shoplifter to move on to something easier to steal. If you have trouble keep your rings from sticky fingers.... this it the great way to start getting better sales on rings.

Slot Ring Tray Display Details;

  • Item Code UL72TRAY
  • 144 slotted ring trays (2-72 trays)
  • Holds 144 rings ( 2 x 72 )
  • Security system wires included
  • Combo ( table top or slat wall)
  • ALL IN 1 unit: It can be used as a slat wall display
  • It can be used as a counter top display
  • Includes lock
  • Includes two keys
  • Second tray hidden underneath main tray

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