Aviator Watch Black Stud
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Aviator Watch Black Stud

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Aviator Watch Black Stud

BFW11 - Aviator Watch Black Stud is On Sale Now act fast for a limited time.  This watch band is tanned leather to a natural black leather. Hand cut and shaped into a wristband with stamped black leather and studded together to form a cross. Adjustable metal buckle closure is heavy duty. All Forgiven Watches are made by crafts men. We crafted our wristbands and watch wristbands from Genuine Cow Hyde Leather (no fake stuff). Aviator Watch Black Stud Wristband is specially studded into a Stylistic Cross shape. This cross shape is stamped and secured by silver metal studs right into the Aviator Watch Black Stud wristband. Special care has been taken to make the wristband compliment the metal timepiece. Its stunning beauty hopefully will last a lifetime. Be sure and confident that we only use high quality genuine leather that is not FAKE or synthetic. Other brands all over the internet claim they are leather, beware of faux or pleather as advertised leather. We have noticed that some claim 100% leather only to find it is laminated over plastic, LOL. Aviator Watch Black Stud measures: 10" x 2" - 2mm leather thickness. Comes with standard buckle closure. Steel alloy watch case that measures: 1-7/8" x 2" - thickness 3/8".

Glossy Classic Silver Finish

Aviator Watch Black Stud is features a leather cross on each side of the band. They cross pattern is in the center just below the watch case the metal alloy studs secure cross. We wanted a classy silver finish to give this Aviator Watch a Stunning look that is classic in so many ways. The metal watch case was designed like the famous and very pricey AVIATOR design. This style of case is a round "Aviator" style add ons. We wanted a more affordable aviator case that will help you emphasize your unique style. Our Aviator Watch Black Stud has style features like a true aviator case. We used a black face with three non-moving. Those dials only replicate the hours, minutes and seconds. We used these design motif's to make the watch look really cool. The main hands with ticking seconds are all that function. We use high quality Japanese movement on the inside of the watch for constant time keeping. True aviator watch's cost allot of money because of all the moving dials. This Black Leather Aviator Watch Black Stud looks the part for a fraction of the cost. If you are an Astronaut or pilot or some other type of aviator this watch will do you no good. Remember it only tells time... If you love aviation and all the fashion...this is it. It will make that aviation lover a great gift. Perhaps you didn't know... but Aviators have long been a topic of fascination and interest for kids and adults. It all started with the first flight by the famous Wright Brothers. Since that historic event objects associated with "aviators" have often carried social trending. Ever since that time people began wearing things like "aviator glasses & bomber jackets" Their are tons of aviator themed accessories. The "aviator watch" sold in at Forgiven Jewelry resemble some of those used by pilots over the course of history.

What is Aviator watch anyway

Aviator timepieces are approved by aviation agencies for use by astronauts & pilots. Aviators in general have a number of specific needs for safety. These needs are met by an true authentic aviator watch's. In certain situations an aviator finds it necessary to know the time in multiple time zones. Many aviator watches have multiple dials or a digital display that can easily be toggled. Being clear & visible is also requirement of the watch face. Aviator watches almost always have a black background to contrast with the hands. This style of watch also tends to be large to ensure good visibility. Other aviator styles have special features that allow them to function reliably in outer space.

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