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Women's Leather Watch Black
Women's Leather Watch Black
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Women's Leather Watch Black

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Women's Leather Watch Black

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Women's Leather Watch Black is designed for Ladies who want to wear black and silver out on the town. This watch has both. The black leather watch comes with white face with black numbers and Japanese movement time piece. This black leather watch is a wrap style leather wristband that is designed to be a watch. The real leather band wraps around the wrist for the fit you desire. It comes with two snap closures. The black leather watch has a metal alloy case that has a silver finish with matching components. The watch case on the front side is encrusted with small clear crystal stones that go all the way around the front side of the case. The black leather watch is Fully Adjustable and Hand Crafted using Genuine Leather. The Wristband is Stamped many times with a Stylistic Cross Symbol. In between the impressed cross symbols we attached a series of studs and crystal studs. Each wristband feature a pattern like this: "cross symbol, crystal stud, cross symbol, metal stud, cross symbol". This pattern on the black leather watch goes the full length of the 24" inch wristband.

Japanese Movement

The benchmark for quality has been set by the Swiss, but during the last 30 years or so Japanese-produced movements have more or less caught up. Swatch of Switzerland and Seiko of Japan dominate the global production of quartz movements, and both craft movements for other brands. We think the 4 greatest features of this ladies black leather watch is:
  • 1) is made from real leather, not pleather or FAUX leather.
  • 2) the wrist band can be wrapped many times around your wrist.
  • 3) sparkling inlaid stones that capture any kind of light.
  • 4) Japan Movement, not Chinese.
    This watch make a great gift because its a real Metal Watch with Crystal Stones. It has a Metal Face with silver finish. It features Metal & Crystal Studs and real Glass cover. Plus its a wrap watch that Measures: 24" x 1/2"
We have installed a Fresh NEW FREE BATTERY into each watch. Please watch the video how to change a battery click this link below::::::

What happens when my battery needs replace

We ship all watches that are in correct working order. In the future over time your battery will need to be replaced. Please watch the video above how to change a BATTERY that will need replaced with the following battery: # SR626SW or the Equivalent to: 1176SO, 177, 280-39, 280-72, 376, 377, 377A, 377BP, 43, 565, 606, 619, 626A, AG4, BA, CX626, CX66W, D 377, D377, G4, G4A, G4A177, GP376, GP377, L626, LR626, LR66, MA, R 377/37, RW 329, S32, S626S, SB-AW, SG4, SP376, SP377, SP379, SR 626 SW, SR 66, SR626, SR626SW, SR626SW/W, SR66, TR626W, V376, V377

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