Four Heart Clover Ring
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Heart Stacking Ring

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Heart Stacking Ring

Item Code RAD11 - Heart Stacking Ring is a Stackable Crystal Heart Ring That Forms a 4 Leaf Clover - Each of the three ring bands are anodized in beautiful Rose Gold Finish. Made from high quality hypo allergenic Stainless Steel. This ring shown in the photo is really 3 rings in one. The first ring has a heart right facing. The middle ring has two hearts on there sides. The third ring has a single heart up side down. They were made to fit together to form a clover. They could be worn separately as a single heart ring. A double heart ring or as a Three Heart Clover Ring. Its nice to have this much flexibility in one design. What does the Four Heart Clover Ring represent First of all we have always been attracted to clovers (shamrocks) Four leaf clovers are very hard to find. But from a spiritual perspective, theFour Heart Clover Ring represents divine triune as the one prescribed by Saint Patrick: 1) Father, 2)Son, 3)Holy Spirit with the fourth leaf symbolizing man or humanity. Therefore the presence of this fourth leaf (mankind) signifies redemption. Who is Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick used this symbolic shamrock as a way to witness the good news of Jesus Christ. Because is was already a popular symbol in Ireland around the fifth century. During his life time Saint Patrick was going about the land introducing and establishing Christianity among the people of Ireland. Funny how nature has a way of revealing deep symbolism on a small simple plant.

Saint Patrick understood the symbolic nature of the three leafed clover as an illustration of the Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick tuned into the clover that was so prevalent on the hillsides. The clover or shamrock seemed to be a natural, and logical visual-aid for making his point about heavenly things. Saint Patrick was passionate about sharing his faith with the people of Ireland, and cleverly found associated each leaf of the clover with an aspect of the Trinity.

Four Heart Clover Ring can be worn a s Three Leaf Clover ring
  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Ghost

The three leaves may also be symbolic of the three theological virtues found in first Corinthians 13:13.

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Hope
Makes for a great gift because it come in Sizes 7-11 Ring Details;
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Ring Band Measures approximately 8mm wide
  • Each individual band measures approximately 2.5mm wide
  • Each heart/leaf measures 6mm x 6.5mm length and width
  • Each heart / leaf thickness measures 3.5mm thickness
  • Overall Clover measures 13.5mm x 13mm length and width

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