John 316 Braided Bracelet
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John 316 Braided Bracelet

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John 316 Braided Bracelet

item E40 -  John 316 Braided Bracelet is a soft genuine leather braided bracelet. It is an Adjustable bracelet because it has two holes stamped into the leather. You can slide the hole over the metal alloy stud for the size that feels the best. Close to where the holes are punched out of the leather we crimped a metal token. This metal token resembles a vintage metal slider bead engraved with the symbol " j 3:16 ". This design feature represents the scripture JOHN 3:16. In the Bible the new testament you find the book of John (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). In this book you will find John 3:16, which reads; "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." From one piece of soft brown leather we cut three slits and braided it into a leather bracelet. The bottom strip is where the engraved zinc alloy metal tag is crimped onto the leather. This bracelet was designed to represent the meaning that we are free from the chains of slavery and the blood he shed won't let our sins remain, He showed us love that this world has never known... a love so divine and so true love that you will never find it except from the author of LOVE Jesus. The Bible has some greatest hits. In just a few minutes, you can read the entire book of John. This maybe among the most famous and influential pieces of writing ever. The more you read you'll soon see why.

John 316 Braided Bracelet Details

  • Item code E40
  • Bracelet measures 7" - 73/4" long
  • Braided leather measures 15mm wide - 2mm thickness
  • Each Braid measures 6.5mm
  • Metal Slider measures 7mm x 11.5mm x 5mm thick
  • Metal post connector measures 4mm x 6mm

This Christian Bracelet is one of Forgiven Jewelry's Leather Bracelet Collection


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