Leather Cross Bracelet
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Leather Cross Bracelet

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Leather Cross Bracelet

item QB2 - Leather Cross Bracelet that features two strips of dark brown genuine leather. The key component is the metal alloy cross that is attached with leather wrapping. The dual leather bands are bound together with jute cord wrapped at each end. The end connector is made to hold the bracelet together. Because the jute is tied in a loop there is not much slack in the cord. This bracelet is not really adjustable. 

*do not wear this bracelet in the pool, shower or bath

Great Gift Idea

Cross Bracelet is Perfect for Girls or Guys young and old. Great for church camps, church vbs or any other Christian music event. This would be perfect for a Music Festival.

Leather Cross Bracelet Details

  • Item code: QB2
  • Wrapped Cross has its own symbolic meaning see below
  • Metal Alloy Rugged Cross
  • Double wrapped round leather cords
  • measures 7.5"
  • Slightly adjustable
  • DO NOT use in water
  • DO NOT use in bathtub/shower
  • DO NOT use while swimming in the pool
  • DO NOT use while swimming in the ocean
  • DO NOT use washing the car or playing in water
  • DO NOT wear in the rain
  • DO NOT get soaked washing your hands

    Back Story on All Wrapped Cross

    The wrapped cross would be meaningless without the reboot... Jesus, Gods only son, was basically murdered for no reason in Jerusalem. Calvary is the Latin form of the word. The Holy Bible does not reveal the precise location of Golgotha. It simply states that Jesus' crucifixion took place outside the city of Jerusalem, though near it (John 19:20; Hebrews 13:12). Why was Jesus Murdered if he is blameless and not guilty? Because he claimed he was God's only son... He took our place on the Cross because none of us are guiltless or blameless or perfect in any way. That is what is so cool about our wrapped Cross because it radiates from the center. It is a unique look to cherish and to adore, this cross is made with antique finish.

    Wrapped Cross made from 3 materials with their own symbolic meaning:

    - Round Leather represents the whips that was used in the flogging of our Savior. - Metal Alloy represents in modern fashion the cross that Jesus was FREELY bound to on that day in Calvary. - The Jute represents the rags of his clothing that they casted lots for.

    A great Women and Mens Wrapped Cross Bracelet

    - Many of our customers have found that this wrapped cross bracelet looks equally good around a women's wrist as it does on a man's. This cross bracelet is a great for Christians on the go who like to witness without saying a word.


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