Phil 4:13 Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirt
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Philippians 413 Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Philippians 413 Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Item TRP413 - Philippians 413 Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirt is a two color Raglan tee shirt. It features a black printed design on a grey ash background. The design is inspired from the Bible scripture from Philippians 4:13. It reads; "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." Just from that scripture you can see our inspiration. This is made with an authentic team look in soft, comfortable cotton. We used stylized letters to bring out a permanent impression of Philippians 4:13. We used Sport-Tek shirt which is one of best clothing lines in America. Sport-Tek captures the spirit of true athletic styling with unique fabrics, modern design and a trend-right color palette.

Philippians 413 Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirt Details

  • Comes is sizes Small - XL
  • Philippians 4:13 design
  • 5.1-ounce, 100% ring spun combed cotton
  • Tag-free label
  • Rib knit neck
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Scalloped hem
What does Philippians 4:13 mean to me? At Forgiven Jewelry this passage is incredibly spiritually inspired. This T-Shirt should invoke faith. Paul's statement is fact. It holds amazing implications for us as believers... We are enabled to do all by the power of an indwelling Christ. This exquisite shirt will be cherished for ages to come. The symbolic scripture serves as a reminder to us and onlookers at our Gods unlimited power.. It is our core belief that Christ is Alive in Glory. That is why this Philippians 4:13 shirt will witness for you outside of instagram, twitter and facebook. Care and Cleaning While Forgiven Apparel products are designed to last, proper care is an important part of keeping your shirt looking it's best. Always use cold water. There's really no reason to wash clothes in hot water unless you're a hospital or a hotel laundering sheets and towels. Cold water will get your clothes clean and it's certainly gentler on the fabric. Please, don't use bleach or other strong detergent products on this shirt. Be sure to turn your forgiven apparel inside out before you wash and dry them. Most people already do this with t-shirts and jeans, but all of your clothes will benefit from the inside out maneuver to prevent fading and to protect printing and embellishments. do not put your clothes in a hot dryer. We cannot stress enough this point about hot air and your clothes. Never set the dryer on its highest heat settings when you want to dry clothes. You cannot rush the drying process. Wash similar clothes together and we're not just talking about colors! We all have had the occasional "pink" socks, t-shirts, and underwear due to an errant red clothing item sneaking into the white wash, but color separation is not the real issue. You want a load of wash to have similarly textured clothes to limit the amount of rubbing each item receives. Fabric rubbing is a quick way to create pills (even if you have a cloth shaver it's a pain to have to use it!), and custom printed items could crack and peel from too much friction. Just imagine rubbing a piece of sandpaper on your skin. That's how a t-shirt feels when it's washed with towels.

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