Posey Wrap Bracelet
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Posey Wrap Bracelet

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Posey Wrap Bracelet

Item E79 - Posey Wrap Bracelet is an extra long 37 inch bracelet. This black leather wrap bracelet is fully adjustable. All you have to do is wrap it around your wrist as many times as you like. It will always ensure the fit. It will always fit any size wrist. GUARANTEED. The Posey bracelet is designed from Posey Rings. We wanted to put our top Posey saying on one long bracelet. This was our inspiration to take this idea from ring to bracelet. The cool thing about this Posey bracelet is that it is adorned with 12 different Posey sayings. Each saying has a crystal studs in between each Posey encouragement. The Posey sayings are in a different language with the English version as listed below. Check it out for more details. Each saying is printed in silver metallic paint.

The Posey bracelet reads;

  • Il Mio Cuore El Il Tuo Per Sempre - Italian
  • (My Heart Is Yours Forever)
  • Ubi Amor Ibi Fides - Latin
  • (Where There Is Love There Is Faith)
  • Votre Amour Est Infinie - French
  • (Your Love Is Endless)
  • Vous Et Nul Autre - French
  • (You and no Other)
  • Amor Vincit Omnia - Latin
  • (Love Conquers All)

In between each saying is a zirconia crystal stud. The Posey bracelet has 14 zirconia crystal studs that sparkle with any light source. The Posey bracelet comes with an oversized metal ally lobster claw closure. This closure is necessary because it makes it easier to connect the bracelet with one hand. The Lobster claw is attached to one end of the bracelet with thin cotton cord. It is tied tight so it will be strong and durable. The other side has a loop for easy connecting. This Posey bracelet was designed to be a reminder of the many sweet and wonderful encouragements that you can reflect on through your day

Posey Wrap Bracelet Details;

  • Item code E79
  • Real Genuine leather (no faux leather)
  • English and Foreign Language translations
  • Bracelet measures 37" long
  • Leather measures 1/4" (6mm) wide and 3/32" thick
  • Crystals measure 7mm (1/4") wide by 2.5mm (1/8") tall
  • Text size measures 3mm-5mm tall
  • Lobster Claw closure measures 13mm wide by 37mm long by 2.5mm thick
  • 14 crystals gems attached to the wristband
  • 12 different Posey sayings
  Very cool and stylish bracelet that can probably be worn as an anklet, necklace

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