Single Column Journaling Bible
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Single Column Journaling Bible

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Single Column Journaling Bible

Item ESVB1910 - Bible Single Column Journaling Bible will provide the perfect way for you to keep a personal experience in Gods word all to your self. This journal can be a refection of your spiritual life right inside the Bible that you read and study daily. This Bible has a high quality cover and page format that work well for all ages. Journaling Bibles feature ruled wide-margins for rendering, sketching, or writing observations, reflections, prayers, praises, notes, and journal entries. This Bible will lasts a lifetime and is the perfect keepsake for anyone who is a True Believer in God's Word. C'mon step outside social media and express yourself in a new and creative way. Your Journaling Bible can be used in many ways and it is fun to see how your faith grew through your art. With a wide-margin Journaling Bible and the right Bible marking tools and accessories it's easy to create a lasting and fun-filled new experience with Scripture. Key Features;
  • Item ESVB1910
  • Great for colored pencils
  • Elastic cord / strap keeps the Bible closed
  • Sewn binding
  • Paragraph format
  • Single column
  • Ruled lines for notes
  • Cream paper
  • Small but bold Font
  • Solid Cover
  • Quality Binding
  • Some markers may bleed on the next page, use a blank paper in between
The ESV New Journaling Bible is a complete redesign of the original Journaling Bible. The Bible text is now laid out in an easy-to-follow, single-column format. Ruled lines in the extra-wide margins match up with each line of Bible text, enabling users to more easily align their notes with specific verses. With high-quality Bible paper and cover materials, the New Journaling Bible is a durable edition for anyone who wants to capture notes, prayers, or personal reflections in their Bible. It's an amazing Bible at any price This unique Journaling and Note-Taking Bibles make a great gifts

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