Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace
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Small Cross Necklace

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Small Cross Necklace

Item code TSC - Small Cross Necklace comes attached to a stainless steel chain. The Cable style chain measures eighteen inches long. The stainless steel Cross Measures 7/8" x 1/2". This Simple Cross is elegant yet classic with soft smooth edges. In the right light, this cross will sparkle all day and night. Delicate and stunning all in one. This Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace is a gentle necklace you can wear around your neck for all occasions. The Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace might be small in size but not in beauty. The Cubic Zirconia Crystal's are striking and reflective with any light source. This cross pendant necklace features clear cut crystals for a light capturing effect. The cross pendant suspends from a cable chain with a lobster clasp. The entire necklace is made from high quality stainless steel.


Give the gift of faith by giving the Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace. This pendant is dusted with sparkling cubic zirconia crystals. This traditional cross pendant features round-cut crystal accents on the cross. Your friends and family can wear their faith with this sparkling cross pendant. Covered in crystals, it's sure to illuminate their whole ensemble. Pair this with the stainless steel neck chain with a beautiful new cross will make anyone come alive in Christ.

Cubic Zirconia

In 1937, Cubic Zirconia was first discovered by German mineralogists. Little did they know, the tiny crystals that they discovered would become a popular synthetic gemstone. In 1970's the Cubic Zirconia was first used in the jewelry world. Scientists began growing these tiny crystals in the laboratory. In the 1980's, Cubic Zirconia used in jewelry continued to grow. Currently is it one of the most popular diamond substitutes available on the market.


Cubic Zirconia is the cubic form of zirconium oxide. This is created in a modern laboratory. It is a very durable material. This style of crystal allows the synthetic stone to be molded into a variety of shapes. The stone offers brilliant shine and flawless clarity. Cubic Zirconia is available in a wide range of colors. The popular colorless form is a competitor to natural diamonds.

Caring For Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Like natural diamonds, Cubic Zirconia needs to be cared for. To maintain its original brilliance & shine clean with warm water. Use a very soft brush with a mild soap. Upon cleaning immediately dry with a clean cloth. Avoid contact with perfume, body lotion, and hairspray or any other chemical that may harm the shine of the tiny little stones.

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