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Sony Battery 377

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Sony Battery 377

Item 377 - Sony Battery 377 / SR626SW is a 1.55v watch battery that we use in all our watches because of the quality JAPAN made batteries have over the others.

O% mercury - use by date of 06-2019

Compatible Sizes/Cross Reference:

377, SR626SW, RW329, 337(37), V377/565, 9933, BA, I, SB-AW, 280-39

About the product

  • Sony PET Blister Packs of 0%Hg Mercury Free 1.55V Silver Oxide Cells
  • Excellent stable discharge characteristics
  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life, Made in Japan
  • High Energy Density
  • Excellent leakage resistance

More INFO:

Sony 377 (SR626SW) Silver Oxide 0%Hg Mercury Free 1.55 volts batteries. Sony was the first Corporation to provide the first mercury free silver oxide battery to consumers. Silver oxide batteries are primary cells that have a high energy/weight ratio. Silver oxide is used as the positive electrode (cathode) while zinc is used as the negative electrode (anode) with an alkaline electrolyte. Sony silver oxide batteries provide an extremely high quality, compact battery for the high performance devices today. Sony also ensure consistent reliability and performance in every cell. While Silver Oxide batteries are known for mainly wrist watches the application usage due to the high energy density and discharge characteristics have given the cells a broad range of application usage. Applications: Insulin Pump, Watches, Calculators, Electronic Clinical Thermometers, Remote Controllers, Portable Gaming Systems, Keyless Car Remotes, Radios, Bike Lights, Portable GPS Systems/Bike Computers, Computer/Communication Equipment, camera's and many other devices. Please read and observe the following precautions thoroughly.Improper battery handling may cause leakage, heating, explosion of the battery, which may lead to injury or product failure. Never charge the battery. Charging the battery may cause decomposition of the battery electrolyte or increase of the battery internal pressure. Leakage, heating, explosion of the battery may be caused as a result of it. Keep away from infants. If infant happened to swallow the battery, consult a doctor immediately. Do not heat or disposed in fire or disassemble the battery. When the battery is stored or disposed, isolate positive(+) and negative(-) terminals of the battery to avoid those terminals touch each other. Compatible Sizes/Cross Reference: 377, SR626SW, RW329, 337(37), V377/565, 9933, BA, I, SB-AW, 280-39

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