Studded Cross Bracelet
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Studded Cross Bracelet

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Studded Cross Bracelet

Item E71 - Studded Cross Bracelet is an extra-long 25.5" brown leather wrap bracelet that has a series of pyramid studs. It features a single row of silver metal alloy studs. This hand made bracelet was designed to wrap many times around your wrist until you reach the desired fit and feel you like. The polished metal studs on one side of the bracelet and the other side of the bracelet has a stamped cross pattern like and engraved impression. Because this bracelet is a wrapping style bracelet you can always wrap it the way you want for the Adjustable Size you like. We included 5 holes to make it Adjustable and it is adorned with a small belt clasp.

True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.

This bracelet was designed to be fashionable, but also to be a statement of our faith, its a comforting reminder that Jesus died on the cross in order to pay for all of our sins. Because of him, even sinners like us have a shot at heaven.

Studded Cross Bracelet Details:

  • Item code E71
  • American Design
  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Fully Adjustable bracelet measures 25-1/2" long with five hole adjustments
  • 27 metal pyramid studs they measure 9mm x 9mm x 2mm tall
  • Brown leather measures 9mm wide - 2.1mm thickness
  • Buckle closure measures 33mm x 18mm x 3mm thickness

Stamped Sideways Cross Emoji's

As for what the sideways cross means... Many believers consider the horizontal cross to be just another version of the upright cross, a symbol of Jesus. True Believers like myself believe in a more detailed meaning: the sideways cross becomes a symbol of Jesus and his finished work. Giving to us our salvation for free. He has laid His cross down to show his true love. We at Forgiven Jewelry believe it is a symbol of how we are to take up our cross and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23). A sideways cross ring like this will most surly invoke conversation and give you a chance to witness.

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