Triple Cross Band
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Triple Cross Band

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Triple Cross Band

item code RK6 - Triple Cross Band is made from hypo allergenic stainless steel.  This is a wildly popular triple cross band ring. This ring is really three cross rings in one.  We designed this ring to have three inner connected bands all joined together never to be broken.  Believe it or not these three rings all roll up your finger and become ONE RING. These amazing three thin bands are anodized with a black finish.  The finish is permanent with polished finished but can be scratched off with a rock or stone.
Triple Cross Band Details
  • Item RK6
  • Sizes 6-10
  • American Design
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • 3 anodized black stainless steel rings interlocking to roll up your finger
  • Triple Bands each feature tiny crosses in the center of each band that go all they way around the band
  • Band measures 1/8 inch wide stacked all together
  • Triple Bands each feature tiny crosses in the center of each band that go all they way around the band
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with Forgiven Jewelry
True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.
We do not recommend every day wear and tear on this ring. Let this ring be your special going out ring. Going our ring means you wear it out on the town or to dinner or church and take it home and put it away because sharp objects could compromise the finish. We recommend you wear this ring as you would with fine jewelry. Do not wear it gardening. Mixing concrete. Helping someone move. Respect the ring and it will last forever.

Care and Cleaning

While Forgiven Jewelry products are designed to last, proper care is an important part of keeping your jewelry looking it's best. Be sure not to wear your jewelry while cleaning or working with harsh chemicals, in pools or spas, or while playing sports. Store your jewelry individually to keep them from scratching each other. To clean your jewelry, use a warm, soapy water soak and a soft brush.

Forgiven Jewelry is High Fashion

The Triple Cross Band is "Absolutely" fashionable with its brilliant shine. Because this is a stainless steel 3-1 band ring, means it will roll up your finger with comfort and ease. This ring is very durable and solid. It will last you a very long time if you treat it like all your other fashion jewelry. You can wear this ring whenever and wherever. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend, wear our triple cross band ring in the style in which you dress. Wear it with upscale dress codes. Trust us, this ring fits ALL occasions. Save hundreds of dollars from retailers from the mall. Wear this shiny black anodized triple cross band with confidence, It is complex, yet simple but very classy and elegant.

Inner Faith is Important

The three bands in the triple cross band ring represent but limited to "Father -Son - Spirit" Three Cords are stronger than one. The number three may signify completeness or finality. Get this even the Pope observes that the number three "naturally suggests the idea of completeness-beginning, middle, end." The number 3 is used 467 times in the Bible. There are 27 books in the New Testament, which is 3x3x3, or completeness to the third power. Jesus prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest. He was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day (9 a.m.) and died at the 9th hour (3 p.m.). There were 3 hours of darkness that covered the land while Jesus was suffering on the cross from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. Three is the number of resurrection. Christ was dead for three full days and three full nights, a total of 72 hours, before being resurrected on Saturday, April 8, just before sunset. (1 Corinthians 15:4)There were only three individuals who witnessed Jesus' transfiguration on Mount Hermon. Those who saw Jesus' glory on the mount were John, Peter and James.
*etched is not engraved, engraved is where metal is removed.


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