True Love Waits Purity Ring
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True Love Waits Purity Ring

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True Love Waits Purity Ring

Item code RTLW8 - True Love Waits Purity Ring True Love Waits Purity Ring has an etched floral vine. The vine with flowers stretchs around the band. The ring features an elegant cursive text. This ring is equiped with the popular phrase that reads "True Love Waits". This Flower Vine True Love Waits Purity Ring is made from fine quality stainless steel. It is crafted using a brushed metal finish. This special finish masterfully draws attention to the Text & Floral pattern. This Flower Vine True Love Waits Purity Ring can be used as a promise ring. It is great for any abstinence ceremony. Listen, there is a lot of garbage about Purity and that is doesn't work. It does work, and it can work. It doesn't work if you believe this ring has magic purity power. The ring only works with God's Help. God love us and wants us to wait for him to give us our perfect mate. Social media try's very hard to destroy purity products. We get people all the time bashing us on Instagram about our purity rings. When I ask them why they hate "PURITY". Do you know what they say? It's because they gave in to temptation and now feel defiled. I have told them its okay to start over and renew you promise, God is a God of second chances. Guess what they tell me? I cannot do it because I will give in to temptation again. This is why it doesn't work. Temptation is there god. Put God first place and trust in him to give you strength to do what is right. Do not give in to people on Instagram and there fascination with temptations!

Ring Ceremony

We are the"Officially Licensed Vendor Manufacture" for "TRUE LOVE WAITS". A True Love Waits Ring Ceremony is a special way to demonstrate a personal commitment to the lifelong pursuit of purity. The Ring Ceremony document hyper link below will help you start planning a ceremony. Just click on it to be take to the download. Ring Details
  • Comes in sizes 5-10
  • Ring measures 1/4" (6mm) wide
  • 1/16" (2mm) thick.
  • Officially Licensed

Officially licensed from True Love Waits

This True Love Waits Ring is a great purity ring. You wear it as a reminder of your commitment to God. It's a pledge of purity for your one true love. You believe that God has the right person for you. The ring solidifies the bond that you care enough to wait. You are a special gift worth waiting for! Wear this ring with pride and honor and bravery.

Pledge History

The True Love Waits pledge states many things.
  1. Believing that true love does waits
  2. That you make a commitment to God
  3. That you make a commitment to myself
  4. That you make a commitment to my family
  5. That you make a commitment to my friends
  6. That you make a commitment to my future mate and my future children
  7. That you be sexually abstinent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship
Also, the pledge has an understanding that you promote sexual purity. This purity which encompasses abstaining from intercourse before marriage. Abstaining from sexual thoughts. Abstaining from sexual touching. Abstaining from pornography. Abstaining from any and all actions that are known to lead to sexual arousal. By the late 1990s, Christian music groups were promoting this program. There are many events similar to youth rallies that are held at Christian music festivals providing an opportunity for teens to sign TLW pledge cards.

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