Vikings Lion Bangle Collection - Forgiven Jewelry
Vikings Lion Bangle Collection - Forgiven Jewelry
Vikings Lion Bangle Collection - Forgiven Jewelry
Vikings Lion Bangle Collection - Forgiven Jewelry
Forgiven Jewelry

Vikings Lion Bangle Collection

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Item: LIONCOLLECTION - Vikings Lion Bangle Collection

This a master piece bundle of all our bangles.  This special set is made from lead free pewter with antique pewter, copper, brass finishes... made from the best pewter that can be produced right here in the good old USA. We know pewter since we have been making our own jewelry since 1993.

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Vikings Lion Collection details:

  • Item code : LIONCollection
  • Get one Antique Pewter-Brass Finish - Copper Finish
  • American Design
  • Made in the USA / Lead Free Antique Pewter Copper Brass Finishes
  • All solid pewter with copper and brass finishes only
  • Made By American Artisans using High Quality Thick Pewter that is a Lead Free Alloy
  • All Pewter Metal makes a crunching sound when you bend it and will last a lifetime is you refrain from bending it back and fourth like a child.
  • This thick pewter is round and wide, it has been field tested and it will tolerate bending it to slip on and off as long as you do controlled bending. Pewter is a different kind of metal than steel or aluminum, sterling silver or gold
  • We are an Authority in Pewter Casting since 1993, we have been making high quality pewter jewelry items that last decades
  • Vikings "Asgardian" style Lion of the Tribe of Judah with cross bangle like on TV

Our pewter is a hand mix of metals melted together to create an alloy mix of mostly tin, with the remainder of copper, antimony, bismuth, and touch of silver. Pewter is not as strong as steel or as bendable as aluminum or sterling silver. Because Pewter is not the most bendable alloy in the world we made it THICK so that it can bend on and off your wrist and last a lifetime if you do not "OVER-BEND" it. Since its creation we have field tested it for months. I have been wearing this same bangle for months, I have taken it off quite a few times to show people how cool it is. I love wearing it so much I wear it day and night, I wear it in the shower, I wear it in pool and I wear it when i am rebuilding muscle car motors. I also wear it to work. I am telling you this is a very durable bangle. I get tons of compliments when out on the town. I guarantee this bangle 100%. The key to this bangle is not bending back and forth like a child with a toy. Use common sense, it makes noise when you take it on and off and serves as a reminder to be gentle not a viking. This bracelet bangle is so cool... This bracelet captures the old rustic Vikings style of bracelets just like the ones they wear in the land of Asgard (like the ones on tv and the movies)... For all those who are ignorant to metal types and how to treat all jewelry items please consider this an education lesson : "This bangle bracelet is heavy and chunky. Pewter will not tolerate extreme bending. It is best to slide it on and give it a small bend to the fit you like" FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND IT WILL LAST A LIFETIME.... 

    True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.

    Vikings Lion of Judah Bangle has awesome Nordic styling that looks fantastic. Because of the popularity of the Marvel movies that feature Thor and Asgard along with the TV show Vikings, we though it time to bring Jesus into all of this hype and sensation of Nordic fashion.  This bracelet captures the essence of both programs that bring the attention back to Jesus.  This bracelet will capture the attention of almost anyone and the connection will be made... Keep you witness on!

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