Way Truth Life Ring
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Way Truth Life Ring

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Way Truth Life Ring

RB9 - Way Truth Life Ring is made from hypo allergenic stainless steel. This simple there word phrase is directly from  the Bible scripture that says in John 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. The design features the phrase etched in black using a classic cursive style lettering. The phrase way truth life is accented with one single line that is engraved around the text.

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Way Truth Life Ring Details

  • Item RB9
  • American Design
  • Hypo allergenic
  • stainless steel
  • polished to mirror finish
  • sizes 9,10,11
  • ring measures 8mm wide

True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.

Way Truth and Life what does it mean

I am the way and the truth and the life... is one of the seven time Jesus used "I Am". On the last night before His betrayal and death, Jesus was preparing His disciples for the days ahead. For over three years, these men had been following Jesus and learning from His teaching and example. They had placed their hopes in Him as the Messiah, the promised deliverer, yet they still didn't understand how He was going to accomplish that deliverance. After the Last Supper, Jesus began speaking about His departure, which led to questions from His disciples. I am In the Greek translation, "I am" is a very intense way of referring to oneself. It would be like saying, "I myself, and only I, am." Several other times in the new testament we find Jesus using these words. The way Jesus used this definite phrase to distinguish Himself as "the only way." A way is a path or route, however the disciples had expressed their confusion about this... the wondered where He was going and how they could follow. As He had told them from the start, Jesus was again telling them (and us) "follow me." There is no better way to heaven, no other way to the Father. The truth As always Jesus used this phrase to emphasize Himself as "the only truth." The life Jesus had just been telling His disciples about His vision death, and now He was claiming to be the source of all life. He gave the promise that "because I live, you also will live." The deliverance He was about to provide was not a political or social deliverance, but a true deliverance from a life of bondage to sin and death to a life of freedom in eternity.    

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