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Trinity Knot Band Toe Ring

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Trinity Knot Band Toe Ring

item RT19 - Trinity Knot Band Toe Ring is a hypo allergenic ring. The ring is polished to a high luster. The ring is made from high quality .925 sterling silver. This ring is embossed with one trinity symbol in the center of the smooth curved band. The raised symbol is filled with black oxidation. The black color may fade over time but the raised trinity knot will always remain because it is almost 3-d the way it looks. Why a Trinity Toe Ring? Because it makes a statement...
The trinity symbol is a form of an equilateral triangle. The Trinity symbol on this ring uses the most ancient of the Trinity symbols. Each pair of arches formed an ellipse. The symbol of God's glory. The three equal arcs of the circle denote equality. The equality between the three persons of the God Head. (Father-Son-Spirit) The lines run continuously and therefore express their eternal existence. They are interwoven, which expresses their unity. The center forms an equilateral triangle. The Triangle itself is a symbol of the Trinity. Each pair of arcs combines to form a VESICA, as an aureole, indicative of glory. The trinity is a complex expression of equality, eternity, unity, and glory. This simple form, which stands for the Holy Trinity. The Trinity meaning: 1) God the father 2) Jesus 3)Holy Spirit. The symbol which is also known as the "triquetra", (Try ket ra Latin for three cornered) and is one of the most beautiful and most satisfying of the symbols for the Holy Trinity
  Trinity Knot Band Toe Ring Details;
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Sterling Silver .925
  • One Size fits all
  • Product ID RT 19
  • Ring measures 3/16 inch wide
  • Polished finish
  • 1 Embossed Trinity Knot

This Trinity Toe Ring makes a great gift because it fits almost every toe.  **note; It is difficult to date the exact origin of the Celtic triquetra, and whether it was first used in a Christian or pagan context; the distinctive interlace/knot work artistic style did not fully develop until ca. the 7th century A.D. So Pagans try to disclaim this symbol, but it was adapted to be a witness for all Christians to show the trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy spirit. This symbol is present everywhere in Christianity.  

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