Customer Comments

Here are what our customers say about Forgiven Jewelry:

"I received my ring today and just wanted to say thanks and I love it. I appreciate you guys." Carlo 

"We just received the two necklaces for my son and he is thrilled. Thank you so much! We will order again!  My other son already wants one!  😂. Have a wonderful day." Denise

"Thank you for being so accommodating and reasonable in prices. We used to deal with another company for our orders, but since I came across Forgiven Jewelry last year, I have not bothered to look elsewhere." Candice

"Received the penny nail cross yesterday and wanted to thank you and your husband for being so kind to me through this entire process." Steve

"What a joy it was to find your website and your offering of a "nail cross" that we were searching for. The last of our four grandchildren (12-yr old grandson) just accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and our daughter (his niece) is a campus pastor and participated in baptizing her nephew. It was a wonderful day of celebration for all. The nail cross will be a special stocking stuffer he will cherished for many years. I will be directing all in my circle of contact to your website for those looking for memorable "forgiven gifts" Terry
"WOW! I have now received all of my orders from you...I absolutely love them! They look so cool and such a powerful statement....Thank you!! My one thought.....No need to enclose the card offering ‘Refunds or Exchanges!’ Once received, who would want to send them back!!! I will be wearing them lots, and praying for questions from those at work! (They SO need the unconditional love of Christ in their lives!) I’m sure I will order again from you, but keep creating these wonderful pieces!" Chris
"I am so excited about receiving my orders, as I absolutely LOVE your jewelry! It means a lot to me to wear wonderful pieces which start conversations in the workplace. My faith is everything to me, and comments from non-believers about my jewelry, are more powerful than me trying to preach at them!!
I trained in Art and produce paintings, and see jewelry as an expressive art form. I love your designs and look forward to wearing these pieces.
God bless you in your work!"
"Hi there Bill and Jill...Love, love, love the ring :-)Thank-you for the inspiration cards too. Your jewelry are beautiful tokens to remind followers, their faith in Christ." Karen
"Thank you. That pendant has tremendous and personal  significance for me."