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Forgiven Jewelry has been around since 1993 All the photos and the jewelry you see on our website or catalogs have been designed by us. We are Forgiven. We use our God given talent to design and witness for the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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We are a husband and wife artistic team of Bill and Jill. Bill and Jill met in Berta Egan's art class at Field High School sometime in the 1980s. We instantly had an attraction to one another, but remained friends until 1991 when we decided to get married. No courtship was needed, no dating was planned.  Yes its true... it was simply a friendship, to marriage, and here we still are - happily married after 25+ years. In 2006 we were blessed with our most awesome daughter Lillie, who is also a great artist and photographerBill and Jill

Let's back up this story...after high school graduation we took our own paths to gain perfection and prestige in the art field. Bill packed up and went off to the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in Florida. He was the first person in his family to ever get a college degree.  Jill stayed in Ohio, obtaining a Bachelors in Studio Art from Kent State University.  She stayed on after graduation, studying up for another degree in Art Education.

cartoon of Bill and Jill the owners of forgiven jewelry

In 1993 after we both rededicated our lives to Jesus Christ, we prayed and asked God to use our artist talents to honor Him. He didn't waste any time answering our prayers. Through our church we met Don Ebie who owned a Christian wholesale company called Act Now.  He sold a variety of faith based items like bookmarks and pocket cards to Christian Bookstores all over the United States. At that time, we were selling at local craft shows with these cute little paintings of lighthouses on pieces of slate with scripture, and handmade cross necklaces and angel seashell brooches.  Don thought we could also wholesale these items to Christian Bookstores...and just like that God answered our prayers and "Bill & Jill's" was a business. Through Don Ebie and his wife Donna, and their daughter Darlene, we learned not only how to build a wholesale business for Christian jewelry, but to seek the Lord and pray, and see Gods hand molding and shaping our new jewelry ministry.

For years we traveled from bookstore to bookstore selling our goods. Many of the great Christian Bookstores are now out of business but some are still around, like Logos in Kent. We would spend our summers traveling the USA and selling our Forgiven Jewelry at Christian music festivals like Alive and Creation. It was great connecting with people of all ages and hearing first hand what they thought of Forgiven Jewelry. It was at these festivals talking with people that we learned how powerful the impact of wearing christian jewelry could be in their lives. We heard countless stories of encouragement, hope, salvation, forgiveness, strength, and shattering of strongholds - all from a piece of jewelry!

So, for 20+ years we've taken seriously the ministry behind making "Unique Christian Jewelry" a family business. We feel led by the Holy Spirit to create unique, trendy Christian jewelry items that we hope people will wear to spark conversations, proclaim their salvation, encourage and build their faith, and serve as reminders to remain pure and holy. We are humbled by the fact that God uses us to help "Spread the Good News one piece of Christian jewelry at a time!"