Why American is better

"Because we are an American company, and oh ya, we actually pray"


Welcome to Forgiven Jewelry!  We are born right here in USA, the greatest country in the world.

AA7 shield necklace with a girl jumping and celebrating her freedom she has in the USA

We are designers at heart and we combine fashion and faith offering cool jewelry that is personal with Christian flair. We try to make the best quality pieces that don't cost an arm or a leg.  We actually design jewelry that we want to wear, why else would we even try to make something just to sell it. 

Unlike our Chinese copy cat artists we actually pray about our designs, and believe that everything we design has a purpose beyond our own understanding. We ask you personally to give us a chance and  that you will browse our jewelry and see if anything will fit your style.  We really care about our designs and are proud of what we have sketched on paper and transformed it into something you can wear.

Forgiven Jewelry is a great way to share your style and on occasion be able to share your faith, its a conversation starter.  When its all said and done, it's all about spreading the gospel one piece of jewelry at a time.  
three ethnic people coming together to order new finishes from forgivenjewelry.com
You can be old or young its all the same, its whats in your heart!  It's not only a fashion statement, but a statement of your faith. We believe that you will find something perfect - either to wear for yourself or to give as a gift to someone else. Our products are great for Mom's, Dads and Grads. Holidays they make great stocking stuffer's. Don't for forget about birthdays or Church event gifts. Honestly we have never heard anyone getting a necklace, ring or bracelet from Forgiven Jewelry they did not like.  Use this code to get 30% off: "30off" 

Most importantly, each Forgiven Jewelry item is guaranteed - 100% lifetime guarantee. Not sure it fits right or not exactly happy with it and want to exchange it for something else, no problem, send it back for something else. We love our customers and we try to bend over backwards to make things right. Like we said before give us a chance to prove our worth.

Each order is fresh, because we ship it same day or next day if possible...On occasion we have been known to include some candy or

two friends that are glad they found salvation and are forgiven

may be a free gift, and some inspirational pocket cards.  If you are still not sure you trust us... can we just say that our website is very safe and secure, because we use "https" and the "LOCK SYMBOL" in the upper right side of our url. (look and see if you can see this in the address bar) using the latest secure socket layering, we do not keep or sell your data to anyone.  We don't like people harvesting our data like other websites and social media sites, so why should we do that to our customers?  We are trustworthy... Why? Because we have been in business since 1993 and we have never taken advantage of our customers. We are always fair, honest, and trustworthy, you will never feel alone when you work with us.  We love customer service and we list our phone number (330-325-0450) so you can contact us. Websites today never list their phone numbers, especially jewelry sites that are not based in the USA.  Let us earn your trust!