Purity Ring Band
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Purity Ring Band

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Purity Ring Band

Item code RDP - Purity Ring Band that has a special Frosted effect with engraved text. The entire ring all the way around is Frosted. The ring features a deep engraved technique that is easy to read. The purity ring band is equipped with our special comfort fit styling. The comfort styling is the way the ring is cut on the inside diameter of the ring. We carefully cut the inside smooth and taper the width so the ring fits perfectly on your finger no matter what side you want to wear. The Purity Ring Band is made with high quality Stainless Steel with a brushed metal FROSTED finish to give all the text on this ring clarity. This Square Ring was designed not only be a purity ring, but to be a symbol of commitment between one person, male or female, and God, or another person. The word PURITY on this frosted ring is symbolic to the commitment to remain pure of mind and body and of love, trust, and faith until they take the vows of marriage. Its a great ring to wear anytime and is served to be a reminder of that promise. It can a great help and give you the time needed to slow down and think with your head and not your heart. Sometimes that is a good thing, just having a ring like this can help a person handle wanted, or unwanted peer pressure.

Purity Ring Band Details

  • Comes in sizes 6-12
  • Ring measures 1/4" wide

This is not always the Rule for others who just want to be pure at all times

The American Heritage Dictionary gives us more on what PURITY means.
1. The quality or condition of being pure: the purity of the drug.
2. Freedom from spiritual or moral defilement; innocence or chastity: "Teach your children,the belief in purity of body, mind and soul" (Emmeline Pankhurst).
3. The degree to which a color is free from being mixed with other colors.
We like to wear our Purity Ring to be pure in my life and how I respond in public and on social media.

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