Flexible Ring Sizer
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Flexible Ring Sizer

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Flexible Ring Sizer

Item - Flexible Ring Sizer is a dynamic measuring tool for a great price. We offer special prices for multiple sizers if you need more than one. Take the headache out of finding your true ring size. This sizer offers an economical way to obtain your ring size with full and half sizes. Made from durable plastic so that can be used over and over again. This ring sizer is thin and flexible. It is easy to fit this product around your ring finger to gauge your ring size. This sizer unit is embossed with numbers that will clearly show your size. This ring sizer is very accurate to find your true ring size. If you ever wanted to know your ring size with out going to a fancy jewelry store this is it. Made from durable plastic that is made with easy to read embossed numbers that are touched with black paint. This sizer will measure ring fingers that are very small to very large. The standard for ring sizes start at size 1 that go all the way up to size 17. If your finger is somewhere inbetween 1 and 17 this really is the sizer for you. This makes a great and handy tool for youth groups and church groups who need to measure kids fingers for purity ceremony's. The cool thing is that it is cheap for what it can do. Its fast! This sizer works like a belt. Slip it on and get your size and move on to the next kid. Measure your whole church or youth group with ease and confidence.  

Flexible Ring Sizer details;

  • Item Flexsizer
  • Very Flexible ring sizer
  • White visible material with black highlight
  • Reusable plastic gauge
  • Embossed Numbers
  • Measure for Ring Sizes 1-17

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