I Love Jesus Bracelet
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I Love Jesus Bracelet

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I Love Jesus Bracelet

Item code EN2 - I Love Jesus Bracelet I Love Jesus braided bracelet lends itself well for the many charms that are attached. The I Love Jesus Bracelet features silver metal alloy charms that include "Jesus, Hearts, Love, Crosses, Nails, Footprints, Ichthus Fish and many more". The I Love Jesus Bracelet is a very long bracelet that wraps many times around your wrist. It is measured right around 72" INCHES LONG. This extra long brown wrap bracelet is braided so you could add even more charms of your own. The I Love Jesus Bracelet is fully adjustable because you can wrap it however many times you want on your wrist, ankle or waist or neck.

What is a Wrap Bracelet?

If you are new to wrap bracelets, then here is a quick description. Wrap bracelets are what they are... a style of bracelet that you wrap many times around your wrist that ensures to fit any size wrist. The cool thing about the I Love Jesus Bracelet is that it is adorned with many charms attached randomly along the length of the bracelet. Each zinc alloy metal charm is a different size, a different shape and font style for a truly unique look.
Where does it say I Love Jesus?
The I Love Jesus Bracelet focuses on the title of the bracelet "I LOVE JESUS" so we used symbolism to project the title of the name. The core charm features: Heart charms which represents Love. The name of Jesus charm, no explanation needed. We also included the LOVE charm just to cover all aspects of the title. The Ichthus Fish charm represents Jesus. The Crown charm represents his Lord Ship as God, the KING OF KINGS (1 Timothy 6:15). Cross Charm does not need explaining. The Footprints charm represents the whole poem of looking down at the sand and their is only one set of tracks. The Nail charm is related to the cross charm in meaning. The I Love Jesus Bracelet has approximately10 assorted charms! The charms maybe different than what is shown but should include hearts, Ichthus fish, crosses, footprints, nails, crown, love and Jesus. With seventy two inches of braided cord you can Wrap, and wrap and wrap until you achieve your desired look you want! This bracelet is so cool that it was designed for the person with fashion sense so that you can wear it as an anklet, necklace or even a belt, mix it up.
Great Gift Idea for all occasions!
Very cool and stylish bracelet that can probably be worn as an anklet, necklace or even a belt This bracelet makes for a great gift because the braided brown cord measures 1/8" (3mm) wide and the braided knots measure 3/8" (10mm) wide. The smallest charm (3 nails charm) measures 1/4" x 1/4" (5.5mm x 7mm) The largest charm (Jesus charm)measures 3/4" (20mm). You can see that its money well spent by all the charms you get. The options you get. All the style you get...

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