Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain
Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain
Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain
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Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain

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Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain

item ED98 - Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain is a lead free pewter cross pendant with antique silver finish on 18 inch mini ball chain. The inspiration for this beautiful Rose of Sharon Cross is found in the bible. The name "rose of Sharon" first appears in the Song of Solomon 2:1. The beloved says; "I am the rose of Sharon, a rose of the valley". The thickness of the rose cross is about 1/16 inch thick and about 1 inch tall and  3/4 inch wide.

Rose Of Sharon Cross Mini Ball Chain details;

  • Item ED98
  • Lead Free Pewter pendant
  • Made in the USA
  • Pewter Rose bush crafted Cross Measure 3/4 inch wide
  • Measures 1 inch tall
  • American Design
  • Cross is about 1/16 th inch thickness
  • Antique Pewter Silver finish
  • 18 inch MINI ball chain
  • Cut to any length with common scissors
  • Bush fashioned with leaves buds and blooms

This cross is cool because it has leaves and a bloom in the center  of the cross and two buds on each cross beam. This pendant is made right here in America. Cast right here in America using a special Antique Pewter Silver Finish that is very cool.  The rose bush in a shape of a cross is a brilliant reflection of a Man who died in place of us and has so much Faith in his Father. I had an old friend that always told me that it wasn't the Nails that held him to the cross it was his love for you. This rose of sharon cross pendant crafted of American made pewter metal alloy Cross symbol represents our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what He suffered that day on Calvary when He was nailed to the cross for the sins of all of us. Suspended from a 18-inch Mini ball chain that can be trimmed to size with common house scissors is perfect chain because it does not rust and is light weight.

This Cross Necklace on mini ball chain makes the perfect gift for the faith-driven women in your life that love to show there faith with the smallest nail cross made in America.

    That is what is so cool about our Rose Cross Necklace because it radiates from the center in a clever rose bloom design that is symbolic of his love for us then and now and to come. It is a unique look to cherish and to adore, this cross is finished with antique pewter with silverfinish and suspends freely along an 18-inch steel chain necklace.

    This Cross Necklace makes a great gift - Made by Christians that live and love the USA... that should mean something to you...

    This cross necklace is made to resemble a crafted rose bush. The stems and branches are fashioned together to form a cross. The cross necklace is on an adjustable steel ball chain that is 18 inch and can be cut to any length with a good pair of scissors. The cross necklace will make for perfect Graduation, Confirmation, Walk to Emmaus, Easter, VBS, or Sunday school gift. No religious event is complete until you have the right cross necklace to really bring everything together. think about it, is really is a great gift at any VBS, the cross necklace looks great and will be a hit with everyone.


    Song of Solomon 2:1

    I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.
    Whether Christ, or the church, is here speaking, is not certain: most of the Jewish writers, and some Christian interpreters, take them to be the words of the church, expressing the excellency of her grace, loveliness, and beauty, she had from Christ; and intimating also her being in the open fields, exposed to many dangers and enemies, and so needed his protection. The church may be compared to a "rose", for its beautiful color and sweet odor, and for its delight in sunny places, where it thrives best, and is most fragrant. This figure is exceeding just; not only the beauty of women is expressed by the color of the rose, as is common in poems of this kind; to give instances of it would be endless; some have had the name of Rhoda from hence; see ( Acts 12:13 ) . No rose can be more beautiful in color, and delightful to the eye, than the church is in the eyes of Christ, as clothed with his righteousness, and adorned with the graces of his Spirit: nor is any rose of a more sweet and fragrant smell than the persons of believers are to God and Christ, being considered in him; and even their graces, when in exercise, yea, their duties and services, when performed in faith; and, as the rose, they grow and thrive under the warming, comforting, and refreshing beams of the sun of righteousness, where they delight to be 

    A great Women Cross Necklace

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