Rugged Cross Necklace Silver - Forgiven Jewelry
Rugged Cross Necklace Silver - Forgiven Jewelry
Rugged Cross Necklace Silver - Forgiven Jewelry
Rugged Cross Necklace Silver - Forgiven Jewelry
Forgiven Jewelry

Rugged Cross Necklace Silver

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Rugged Cross Necklace Silver

Item code C86BC - Rugged Cross Necklace Silver is made from lead free pewter that has an antique pewter finish. This cross is proudly made in the USA. We designed this cross pendant to be a unique Christian jewelry cross on a 30 inch long piece of aluminum ball chain. The chain is strong and will not rust.  This cross is powerful, yet has a type of rugged grace.

What is a Antique Pewter Color?

Not only is it Color, but it is a special pewter finish that is a light grey color that can be polished to look more like silver finishes.

Rugged Cross Necklace Silver Details

  • Item C86BC
  • American Design
  • Made in the USA
  • Wood Grain Detail
  • Lead free pewter
  • Antique pewter finish
  • 30 Inch aluminum ball necklace
  • Chain is very strong and light weight
  • Chain will not rust
  • Chain can be cut with scissors or snips

The cross is a symbolic reflection of a Man who died in place of us and has so much Faith in the Father. If you look at the cross up close you will see the tiny details. The details are what make this cross so special. The first detail is the wood grain. The other detail is the metal alloy is made to look like wood planks. This cross also details a crossing rope to look like real rope. Fine details set this cross apart from all other crosses.

 True American Design by Americans who put America first. We put Americans to work and bless 1000’s of American families with unique Christian Jewelry with stunning design, quality, and family values. We are born and raised right here in the USA. We have been serving the American people since 1993.

This Rugged Cross Necklace is crafted of American made pewter metal alloy with antique silver finish. The cross shape in this pendant is bound together with the rope wrap and three square notches at each edge of the cross. This striking wood grain cross represents the cross our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered on that day on Calvary when He was nailed to the wood beams for the sins of all of us. Suspended from a 30 inch aluminum ball chain that can be cut to any size with snips or scissors. This wood grain cross is the perfect gift for the faith-driven man or women in your life.


Back Story on All Wood Style Cross Pendants

The wood beams used to make the cross would be meaningless without the reboot... Jesus, Gods only son, was basically murdered for no reason in Jerusalem. Calvary is the Latin form of the word. The Holy Bible does not reveal the precise location of Golgotha. It simply states that Jesus' crucifixion took place outside the city of Jerusalem, though near it (John 19:20; Hebrews 13:12). Why was Jesus Murdered if he is blameless and not guilty? Because he claimed he was God's only son... He took our place on the Cross because none of us are guiltless or blameless or perfect in any way. That is what is so cool about our  Cross Necklace because it radiates from the center in a sealed nail design that exemplifies the victory over death. It is a unique look to cherish and to adore, this cross that has an antique pewter finish and suspends freely along an 30-inch aluminum ball chain that can be cut to any size with snips or scissors.

Wood grain infused Necklace makes a great gift - Made in the USA

The wood grain in this cross is made of pewter. The beams are seamless to form a cross and is bound to the rope with three square notches at each end. The rugged wood cross is on an a piece of ball chain. The wood cross necklace will make for perfect Graduation, Confirmation, Walk to Emmaus, Easter, VBS, or Sunday school gift. No religious event is complete until you have the right nail cross tag necklace to really bring everything together. think about it, is really is a great gift at any VBS, the nail cross tag necklace looks great and will be a hit with everyone.

A great Women and Mens Wood grain cross necklace

- Many of our customers have found that this wood grain cross necklace looks equally good around a women's neck as it does on a man's. This wood grain cross necklace is a great one to go with if you have a nail cross in your collection.

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