I have nothing to say...

I feel as if I have nothing to say.  Shouldn’t this blog have something to say? Otherwise, what’s the point?

I feel tired.  I feel brain dead.  I’m cold.  I really want Spring to be here soon.  It’s mid-March and it’s snowing…a lot, every day.

Do you ever feel like it’s all just too much?  I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m depressed, I just need a change…like for Springtime to be here already.  Spring is a time of new growth, and change.  Renewal, life, flowers, birds, buds, sunshine and warm weather.  I could use some of that.

A sign by my desk says “Never admit at work that you’re tired, angry or bored.”  It’s a good reminder to keep my thoughts to myself and suck-it-up-buttercup, right?  However, is that a good thing?  Maybe I need to share my thoughts, to get it them off my chest and see if anyone else feels the same way too.  I bet someone else does feel the same way.

Today the bible study scripture is Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God…” The New American Standard version says “cease striving”.  The Ampified Bible says “Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand)…” Perhaps, I don’t need to worry that I have nothing to say, maybe that is OK.  God wants me to cease the striving, and just be still, be quiet, and recognize and understand that He is God.  

 I just checked my calendar and Spring will be here in under a week.  I think I can wait for another week, and have hope that better times are on the way.  Until then, I am content that it’s perfectly fine to have nothing to say.  I am going to “be still and know…” 

Won’t you join me?

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  • jess on

    i just said out loud today i feel brain dead..wow, ive been feeling so incredibly overwhelmed, like im drowning & the chaos will never stop. worn out by life, i relate to this so much & it means so much to find your private thoughts already in the world.
    “I feel tired. I feel brain dead. I’m cold. " im so worn out & appreciate your rawness- to say it like it really is, it is like a breath of fresh air in a world i feel im drowning in <3

  • Konstantin on

    What a wonderful post! God bless!

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