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We are proud to introduce for 2020 some special new pewter finishes in some of our new and most popular Christian jewelry pendants: rose gold, rhodium and gunmetal all made in America.


What is a rose gold, or rhodium finish and what color is gunmetal you ask?  Well, let us break it down for you in the most exciting way possible.

What Is Rose Gold Finish?

Let's start with the basics about rose gold and its special color. What is a rose gold finish What is rose gold finish? This is a rose gold ichthus Jesus Fish called B6roseexactly? This unique metal finish that's also known to some as pink gold finish or red gold finish. (pictured here is a sample rose gold Jesus Fish Pendant - B6ROSE)

We like to call it Rose Gold finish, because it is a delicate mixture of classic yellow gold finish, silver finish, and copper finish. The silver and the copper finishes combined together create the pink hue we're familiar with when it comes to Rose Gold.


Between Gold and Rose gold, we feel that rose gold is a soft looking gold finish, but with a subtle pinkish hue.  Rose gold is a very popular choice in trendy for the fashion runway right now.  Rose gold can be found mostly in women’s jewelry. Very feminine and lovely.

We mentioned earlier that the soft color of rose gold allows it to go well with other finishes. You could pair rose gold pendants with pewter, stainless steel, sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold pendants for a classic and clean look. The "tri-color" look of silver, gold, and rose gold has been a hit on the fashion scene for a decades.

Why Is Rhodium Finish So Shiny Bright?

Let’s clear up what this mysterious rhodium finish is. Rhodium by itself is a preciousWhat is Rhodium? CLBRHD cross bat with rodium finishmetal – like gold, silver, or platinum – only way more expensive! (pictured to the right is our Cross Bat pendant with our Rhodium Finish called SCBBRHD) Rhodium on its own is the most expensive of all the precious metals. Why is that? Because Rhodium is very rare metal out in nature, it is only found as a by-product of mining for other metals, such as platinum. This can dramatically affect the price of rhodium making it very volatile as its availability is connected to platinum supply and demand.

While solid rhodium very valuable but brittle to make solid pendants from this material. However, it makes an excellent Finish over lead free pewter. It is often used to create a higher sheen to our Forgiven Jewelry pieces called "BLING". Being harder than our other finishes, it also makes an excellent protective coat that shields jewelry from scratches. One of its greatest advantages is that it doesn’t tarnish and requires no particular cleaning procedures. Rhodium finish is also a good recommendation for customers who looking for some glossy bling.

Lets let it be known, gunmetal is not made from people melting down their guns. LOL. The last time I checked, gunmetal isn't on the periodic table. (picture here is a gunmetal chain with a matching gunmetal nail pendant AA9GNBC)

what is gunmetal? AA9gun is a large nail cross with gunmetal pendant and gun metal chainSo what is it? Gunmetal finishes are composed of a basic combination of 88% copper, 10% tin, and 2% zinc. Gunmetal's finishes vary in color and darkness based on the products like statues and other small objects like buttons.

Gun metal is always a dark silver, almost black finish.  This finish totally reflects your street-wear style. It’s almost like Goth, or biker jewelry.  The dark side of the force.  More masculine, bold yet subtle at the same time. This is a real stunning finish that demand respect! Gunmetal is a good finish for Dads, Grads. 

So what finish are you?

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