Celebrate Easter! Just believe!

Celebrate Easter! Just believe!

Celebrate Easter! Just believe!

Celebrate Easter!  Just believe!We as Christians are ready to celebrate Easter. It is a special time of year – and we are humbled at the great sacrifice that Christ made for us by taking our sins and nailing them to the cross. We are filled with wonder and awe at His miraculous resurrection from the dead.

As I type this, an old Plankeye song “Struck by the Chord” comes on the stereo and catches my attention. The lyrics “Precious blood of Christ, bring death that I might see life” seems to capture the essence of Celebrating Easter. The death of Christ brings eternal life, if we just believe. Common Wealth Plankeye

Earlier this week doing a bible study before work, we were really struck by Acts 16:31 and the simplicity of becoming saved and being a Christian. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” That’s it! Nothing else to on your part to become saved. Just

If you don’t yet know Christ and you wish to celebrate Easter this year with a refreshing freedom, just believe in Christ. There is no elaborate salvation prayer to utter, no contract to sign, nothing else to do on your part. Just believe!

Celebrate Easter! Just believe!If you do know Christ, we celebrate Easter with you and we pray that our Lord Jesus Christ fills your heart with a new desire and passion to spread the Good News about him this year.

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