How to have and share a thankful heart

Would you like to be more thankful all the time, and not just during the month of November?  How to have and share a thankful heart.  We’ve come up with some simple activities to nurture a thankful heart every month of the year.  However, the first step is choosing to be thankful.  If your focus is in the right place, all these activities will become easy and having a thankful heart will become part of who you are. It is actually good for your health to be thankful 


1-Get a journal or notebook 

Everyday write down every day what you are thankful for.  You can be profound and search for the deep things, or lighthearted or silly. 

“Thankful for being appreciated by my coworkers and their support of me”

“Thankful for the warm sunshine on my face”


2-Find inspirational quotes, sayings or scriptures 

Write them down, or photocopy them.  Here is a great link for a biblical perspective - click here.  If you need great quotes, just - click here

Put them in your journal, every morning or every evening. 

Put on post-it notes and place around your home or work place. 

Get card stock and cut into business card sizes and use color magic markers or paint to create little pieces of thankfulness art

Create a “thankfulness jar” and put your inspiration inside on slips of paper to pull out on a day when you need a little extra help at being in the thankful mood


3-Share your thankful heart with others  

Let them know why you are thankful that they are in your life.  Or, just "pass it on" along to others who need your kind words

Post your thankful thoughts on social media like Facebook, etc.

Instant message, text or email your thankful quotes, sayings or scriptures

Send thoughtful cards through the mail to friends, family or random people


We personally love when our customers take the time to send us little cards, or emails thanking us.  It totally brightens our day and refreshes us.  Most of the time, the thankfulness comes when we most need it.  

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Here is a great article on Thankfulness from a biblical perspective

Here is a link to 294 Quotes about Thankfulness

Here is 7 proven benefits of being Thankful

Check out Christine Trevino's website for more inspiration on thankfulness and how to create your own thankful jar


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