Summertime Lovin - Lovin In The Summertime

Summertime is a glorious time of the year. We love feeling the freedom of our youth, especially when we sing this song “summertime lovin… lovin in the sumertime” from Mordecai &  Rigby (Regular Show).�

Our 8 year old daughter sums up how we feel. Here are Lillie’s thoughts about summer:“The sun is out, and it gets really hot and I feel happy. I like being warm and being able to scoot around on my scooter, and being able to play with all my babies (my Ty Beanie Boos). I don’t have any school and I can sit around and be lazy. I can swim all day if I want. I always hope that my next door neighbor will come over and hang out. I can pretty much do whatever I want and it’s a great feeling.”

Summer is a time to Praise God for the colorful and beautiful flowers showing off their splendor under radiant blue skies. We love the awesome grandeur of billowing clouds and cool breezes that touch our skin. We see hawks soaring in the heavens above and wish that we could soar and be free as well.

Summertime feels like freedom, yet also a time to relax and drink in the goodness of God. We feel the freedom deep in our souls - a freedom that only God can give.   Psalm 103 “Praise the Lord, my soul”


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