Fathers day fun

Fathers day fun and more, now that I am a dad.  I love being a dad.  How much more does our father in heaven enjoy us a children!  I have to say it wasn’t always like this.  I used to think 11 years ago that I would be a horrible dad like my own father.  But you know what.  I found out that its what in your heart that makes you a good dad.  You have to give up your self and pour your life into the children God has given you.  I get that.  My walk with the Lord started with my wife 25 years ago watching “Praise the Lord“.  The path God chose for us was Forgiven Jewelry.  God has a way to put you in a place that you no absolutely nothing about. We had to fully rely on him for the success of our efforts, if this business where to succeed..  He knew my the future and my past and had the perfect plan for my life.  The everyday work that goes into Forgiven Jewelry and the designs requires a lot of prayer, and Bible reading.  We let the Holy Spirit guide us and reveal what it is that we should manufacture.  Little did I know before this blog the challenge to me writing something good about fathers day and how much we love our dads blah, blah, blah.   Well I felt in my spirit after praying about this and deleting a 1000+ word father day blog draft this morning that I need to get to the heart of this… not the hurt of this.  What was also revealed in the blink of an eye was that he prepared me to be a dad with the foundation of scripture. The very scripture that we use in our jewelry items like the SCHE6.  Which features Philippians 4:13 that reads; “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”   I wear it everyday and it helps me as Dad to my daughter. As a husband to my Wife.  As a son in law to my parents. I look down at my wrist and I remember I can do this. Funny thing is being in Ohio it is cold half the year and wear long sleeves so I cannot see my reminder… so I also wear the new RD3 ring. That way I have my bases covered when I get stressed out.   Being a dad is not easy but having little reminders that I can wear like the new DCP413 or the AA3  really do make a difference.  All nail crosses blow my mind.  Think about it for one second… “Jesus, Gods only boy” In Hebrews 13:12 it reads; “And so Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through his own blood.” Talk about father day gift!  Dads are nothing with out Jesus.  These types of necklaces and stuff seem like cheap meaningless trinkets but there not. To me they solidify who I am in Christ and that as a Dad I can stand up and be a witness.  I have found these items witness for me when I least expect it.   They really do help keep me grounded and on my knees forever thankful for the beautiful family God has blessed me with. There are many Items I personally wear that reflect me as a father and a true believer.  Being a father is fun and it keeps getting more enjoyable as life goes on.  Check out the necklaces I wear because Fathers day fun begins at the cross.  I think these Items would be great for your dad.  Remember to pray for all Dads this fathers day.  Dads need to step up and share their faith!  Remember God word never returns void!

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