The Coffee Song

Ya, know I have heard that there is an awful lot of coffee in Brazil… I have never been to Brazil, or met anyone from Brazil to tell me otherwise.  But as I make my morning brew of that dark and delicious espresso.  I sometimes hum the old classic tune from Frank Sinatra known as the “The Coffee Song: Way down among Brazilians, Coffee beans grow by the billions, So they’ve got to find those extra cups to fill  
They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil…” The Coffee Song” (occasionally subtitled “They’ve Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil“) is a novelty song written by Bob Hilliard and Dick Miles, first recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1946.

Shhhhhhh drip, drip, drip Faith and Coffee

Once my shot of espresso is brewed and I have extracted every last drop of flavor, I add a little  touch of creamer to top it off.  Awe…the creama at the top of the espresso mug is the best part of the whole exspirience! POW… slurp sip.. its gone, it gives me that jolt that brings body & conscience together so that I can begin to prepare for my morning study with the Lord. It really helps me focus on my Bible study and scripture look ups.  Ever try to look up scriptures in the dark… well for me without my shot of “Cafe La Llave” espresso in the morning is like reading the Bible blind… hence Faith and Coffee. 

When you read the Bible you have to FOCUS…sure  you can crack your Bible and start reading, but if you are like me it doesn’t sink in…and it  doesn’t awaken my soul? By what you read, no matter what it is, it should create a vibe… does it create a mood or a theme for the day?  For me it does because I have found a way in my daily routine to be successful.  It all starts with my Cuban espresso which helps me open my eyes, turns on my brain… kind of like an “OPEN” neon sign you see in a store window… well, mine flashes OPEN - OPEN - OPEN… okay, where was I… I need to focus, yes, my eyes are open, my brain is alert, I am now ready to receive God’s Goodness for the day.  Like a spiritual breakfast I am eager and ready to ingest my Biblical readings.  When the study has come to a conclusion and I proceed to pray I begin to feel God working in me… Its kind of strange, I have gotten used to it over the years . It is only strange to describe it to you… I am sorry if you do not believe in supernatural Holy Spirit energy but that is what it is like.   It makes  that my brain spin (not dizzy)…For me when my brain spins in thoughts received and perceived in that split second of time can be like an eternity in my minds eye. So when I say it starts spinning I am referring to my brain beginning to think on the melting of scripture on to jewelry ideas or images to photograph, or ways to show our jewelry line in a unique way.  Faith and Coffee kick starts this pattern that sometimes goes all day.   I have a plain example of how my brain works with God’s word infused with Forgiven Jewelry…  do you know those  pin wheel sparkler you see on the 4th of July fire works display…. that’s how my brain works and spins…

As I read the words, as I pray for Gods wisdom, as I ask him to help me they spin off like sparks spinning far and wide… once it starts the sparks multiply and I have a full blown brain spin, LOL.  That is why I love that song by the band Thousand Foot Krutch- “Let The Sparks Fly“- Its so cool… the song starts off with someone laughing and saying “let the sparks fly” then powerful guitars… da da da, “there’s no such thing as maybe, burn it like your fading, no more hesitating let the sparks fly baby; drive it like your racing, you can call me crazy, I’m tired of waiting, let the sparks fly baby, give me one if its real and two if you can feel it, give me three signs that you’re awake…”  Faith and Coffee to me become real in that split second God is talking to me all at the same time… wanting me to drive it deep in my soul with out hesitation, so that His words become Ideas  like letting the sparks fly!  These ideas from the Lord are always different, and cover a lifetime of things past - present - future… Faith and Coffee is the kick start of my stubborn brain… but my Faith now kicks in full steam ahead as my twirling cerebral cortex can barely comprehend all the sparks God spins off my pin wheel sized brain power.  Faith and Coffee is cool because I do collect and retain some data from this like mini mega bites of inspired information to be used for the moment, for the day, or sometimes for the year.  It all depends, for example many of the items we design for Forgiven Jewelry like rings, necklace, bracelets, or photos & catalogs… are past sparks spun off in my mind in that split second of time. If you need Faith and Coffee, remember there’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. There are those out there that don’t drink coffee, don’t like coffee or cannot drink coffee for medical reasons. Thats cool, but for those of you out there like me, drink some coffee and read the word and see if you catch your self in a daydream of sparks… It could be the start of  a pattern of success for your life or for a new business adventure. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (like Faith and coffee) Matthew 5:6

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